Delmar Systems


Delmar’s technical team provides the very latest in high-end integrated motion mooring analysis services. Our mooring model includes independent motion characteristics generation utilizing a 20-year proven diffraction method hydrodynamic module that ties directly into the frequency and time-domain mooring analysis modules.

DEAPMoor™ is Delmar’s proprietary mooring analysis software suite. The core analysis program is ANSYS AQWA. ANSYS AQWA is an integrated motion-mooring program that has been designed for multi-purpose multi-body hydrodynamic and mooring analyses of floating and/or fixed structures. Analyses are conducted in accordance with API-RP-2SK guidelines.

DEAPMoor™ includes:

  • Integrated Motion Mooring
  • 3D Coupled Anchor Performance
  • Non-linear Stiffness
  • Elastic & Plastic Elongation
  • Frequency & Time Domain (1st and 2nd Order)
  • Multibody Interactions

Download the DEAPMOOR Brochure