Delmar Engineering Anchor Program


The Delmar Engineering Anchor Program (DEAP™) is an anchor analysis tool that predicts the performance of an anchor in a given soil strength profile. The performance includes the influence of the mooring line in the mud, the load versus uplift angle at the mud-line intersection point, and the specific anchor parameters (fluke angle, fluke area, etc.). Catalogue anchor capacity values for anchor capacities do not account for the system specific mooring line configurations. Ultimate anchor capacity (maximum it can achieve) is when the fluke becomes horizontal (or generally parallel with the seabed). API RP-2SK’s anchor uplift angle based reductions to (catalogue) capacities does not apply to the results from a DEAP analysis since they are already included within the program’s methodology.

DEAP™ was jointly developed by Delmar and Texas A&M University’s Geotechnical Department. DEAP™ is an analytical tool which is prefaced with the discussion in API RP-2SK’s Appendix D in Section D.10. DEAP™ has had the benefit of published bearing factors for different anchors from scaled and full-scale field testing. Soil properties are either provided as site-specific from the client or an upper/lower bound assumption approach is utilized.

Download the DEAP Brochure