Delmar's Releasable Anchor Mooring System

Delmar’s Releasable Anchor Mooring System is the only system that combines the proven RAR Plus mooring release technology with efficient proprietary methodologies that come from completing thousands of rig moves.

The new Releasable Anchor Mooring System is perfectly suited for the moored and DP/moored semi-submersible rig fleet and offers maximum efficiency and flexibility for operators and rig owners.  The Releasable Anchor Mooring System greatly reduces risk and provides a path to regulatory approval for eight-line MODU systems in regions that have historically required more time-consuming and costly mooring spreads.

Delmar’s Releasable Anchor Mooring System Features:

  • Maximizes rig move efficiency using proven technology
  • Cost savings on rig moves with quick disconnect times and weather delay avoidance
  • Eliminates AHV weather downtime and¬†Reduces HSE exposure time to personnel on deck
  • Minimizes AHV time for rig move
  • Allows rigs to quickly evade storms, ice floes, or well emergencies

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