RAR Plus™

Next-Generation Rig Anchor Release Technology

The RAR Plus™ Difference – Leading the Releasable Anchor Revolution

The RAR Plus™ builds on a 35-plus year history of proven acoustic release technology and represents the latest and greatest development in next-generation Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technologies.

  • DNV and ABS Certified Mooring Component
  • Increased Minimum Break Load (MBL) for increased robustness
  • Increased Release load rating for greater flexibility
  • Maximizes rig move efficiency to eliminate AHV weather downtime
  • Cost savings on rig moves with quick disconnect times and weather delay avoidance
  • Flexibility to quickly evade storms, ice floes, or well emergencies
  • Proven and reliable acoustic release design
  • Surface controlled selective quick disconnect for drillships and semis
  • Backup mechanical release for ultimate reliability
  • Trigger-sleeve nesting capability for faster rig disconnects not dependent on AHTS support vessels


  • Other Benefits of the RAR Plus

    One of the most important developments of the RAR Plus is the addition of a mechanical backup release feature.

    This feature ensures you can release the moorings in case the remote acoustic transmission fails to actuate the RAR.

    The backup bypasses the acoustic, electronic, and hydraulic systems in the RAR Plus™, and it can be actuated by either the rig itself or with a nearby support vessel.

  • The RAR Plus™ possesses a significantly increased minimum break load (MBL) of 900 tonnes.

    The release load rating has been increased to over 360 tonnes, allowing for disconnection at higher line tensions.

    It can also be equipped with an acoustic telemetry system containing integrated sensors that provide real-time continuous monitoring of local line inclination, depth, and strain.

    A user-friendly graphical interface displays valuable data for onboard personnel to use during mooring activities and for the duration of the drilling campaign.

Additional Information

To learn more about the RAR Plus from Delmar Systems, you can review system specs or simply download the RAR Plus Brochure.

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