With proprietary mooring line release systems, anchors, subsea connectors, handling tools, and more, Delmar leads the way in equipment and method innovations.


The Delmar MOOR-Max™ Releasable Mooring System combines years of engineering and operational experience to provide a revolutionary mooring system for mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs). Whether evading tropical storms or improving rig move efficiency, the MOOR-Max Releasable Mooring System is the only system that combines proven mooring release technology with efficient proprietary methodologies that come from completing over one thousand rig moves.

The new MOOR-Max Releasable Mooring System is perfectly suited for the moored and DP/moored semi-submersible rig fleet and offers maximum efficiency and flexibility to operators for mixed shallow and deep-water programs. The MOOR-Max Releasable Mooring System greatly reduces risk and provides a path to regulatory approval for eight-line MODU systems in regions that have historically required more time-consuming and costly mooring spreads.


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