Overview of the LiveWire system from above


Maritime Developments (MDL) and Delmar have identified a requirement for an integrated system for the removal, inspection, greasing, and replacement of large diameter wire ropes in the marine industry, typically on offshore rig and vessel cranes. The following LiveWire™ System is a solution for this requirement.

The core design of the LiveWire™ System is based on modular sub-systems that can be efficiently deployed on any suitable vessel. The individual sub-systems can also work standalone if required to perform other offshore operations.

The LiveWire™ System is modular and road/sea transportable in standard containers/flat racks. Based on current availability, the LiveWire™ System will be mobilized to/from its base in Fourchon, LA.

The LiveWire™ System has significant benefits including:

  • Multi vessel dynamic heave compensation during operations
  • Adjustable tension capacity designed to meet OEM recommendations.
  • Automatic speed control to match operator’s payout.
  • Integrated NDE inspection system with onsite interpretation.
  • Incorporated wire lubrication system with high-pressure application function.
  • Multi-reel handling system towers do not require personnel to work at height during offshore operations.
  • Multi-reel handling system towers are independent and do not require to be tied together.
  • Scalable reel handling system to support multiple vessels during mobilization.
  • System designed for vessel of opportunity without relying on specific deck types.
  • Walk About Box (WAB) – a portable control system allowing Delmar personnel greater control and unlimited viewing capability of the equipment.
  • Road / sea transportable components, which are easy to assemble / disassemble with safety as a priority. Efficiency for rapid mobilization / demobilizations for vessels.

The LiveWire™ System is supplied with the following ancillary equipment:

  • Electro-hydraulic power pack
  • Control van with operator panel
  • Remote radio-controlled WAB
  • Workshop / spares container
  • Dedicated and certified rigging

The LiveWire™ System is complete when all of the component parts are combined together and operated as one system.