Shell Alaska 2014 Drilling Campaign.

Shell Alaska 2014 Drilling Campaign

Shell Alaska 2014 Drilling Campaign

Delmar was contracted by Shell to perform the mooring design and analysis work for the Noble Discoverer and Polar Pioneer in the Chuckchi Sea for the 2014 drilling season. The Noble Discoverer was the primary drilling vessel, and the Polar Pioneer was the designated relief well rig.The Discoverer has an internal turret located midship that results in unique response characteristics that were captured with extensive high-end time domain analysis techniques. Mooring designs and analyses were performed for the various locations at Burgerin the Chuckchi Sea and also the standby locations near Dutch Harbor. Delmar supplied the mooring equipment, procedures, and extensive logistical planning associated with all mooring aspects of Shell’s 2014 drilling campaign in the Arctic off the coast of Alaska.

  • Turret mooring time domain analysis
  • Shallow water effects
  • Year


  • Location

    Alaska Chuckchi Sea

  • Water Depth