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Ichthys CPF Mooring

Ichthys CPF Mooring

In 2012 Delmar was contracted by MCS Kenny to support the mooring design, procurement, and installation work MCS Kenny was contracted to perform for the Ichthys Central Processing Facility (CPF). The CPF’s mooring system is composed of 28 mooring lines using 7in (178mm) chain with 6.7in (169mm) sheathed spiral strand wire inserts. The mooring system is designed to provide a service life of 40 years.

Delmar composed the complete requisition packages for the on-vessel mooring equipment (tensioning equipment and underwater chain stopper fairleads) as well as the sheathed spiral strand mooring wire. The requisition packages included composing the detailed specifications for all on-vessel mooring equipment and mooring wire according to the stringent Company Standards and Specifications. Besides the procurement engineering, Delmar provided support in generating the Installation Guidelines for the 28-mooring line pre-lay as well as the CPF hook-up in conjunction with operational limitations defined by the installation contractor.

Delmar’s support on the Ichthys project is ongoing and is expected to be a supporting member of the project until CPF installation in 2015.

  • 28 mooring lines, 40-year design life
  • Procurement engineering
  • Installation procedure development
  • Year


  • Location

    NW Australia Ichthys Field

  • Water Depth