ENSCO 8503 Mooring Designs With Acoustic Releases

ENSCO 8503 Mooring Designs With Acoustic Releases

To make the ENSCO 8503 more marketable, ENSCO added winches, allowing the rig to be moored on an 8-point system. Originally, acoustic releases were incorporated into the design so that the rig could depart location in the event of an approaching hurricane, similar to if the rig were on DP and not moored (the use of moorings with releases does not increase vessel T-time). After the first location, the large time savings for disconnection operations was realized, prompting future operators to request them even if not moored during hurricane season to greatly increase rig move (preset disconnection) efficiency.

  • Rig converted to 8-point moored system
  • First use of acoustic release on MODU in GoM
  • Used by three different operators at the time of this write up
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  • Location

    Gulf of Mexico

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