North Sea Drilling Season Extension

More Detailed Scope of Work:

Delmar was contacted by the customer to inquire about technology that could potentially extend the drilling season West of Shelton in the UK North Sea. Delmar informed the customer about the Reseasable Mooring System (RMS) and how it has been utilized in the past; although never for this standard. After engineering analysis conducted by Delmar and the customer, it was determined the RMS could be a tool that would extend the drilling season. 

Delmar provided substantial information to the customer, so they could present their drilling season extension case to the UK regulatory body. After about a month of reviewing, it was determined that the RMS would meet their standards and the customers were able to proceed for 15 extra days West of Shetland. 

The RMS was installed and used West of Shetland for the customer who went 12 days into the extended drilling period. Because of the RMS, the customer was able to complete drilling operations in one season and for a bonus, released without the need for an AHTS vessel.