Project Planning, Engineering, and Procedures- Firenze FPSO

More Detailed Scope of Work:

Delmar provided project planning and with detailed engineering and procedures to moor the MODU over complicated subsea infrastructure and within the mooring spread of the “Firenze” FPSO in the Aquila production field.  Delmar developed the project to suspend the MODU mooring lines above the FPSO moorings with ample clearance during deployment and recovery with the FPSO on site.  This project was performed seasonally for three consecutive years. By enabling the rig to conduct this operation in the milder environment of the Adriatic Sea, the drilling contractor was able to take on a contract where otherwise the rig would have been idle during harsh weather winter seasons.  Very specific procedures were assembled using 3-D modelling software and Delmar also used the same modelling to monitor the operations in the field. Mooring coordinators, Mooring Superintendents and Mooring Engineers were provided on the MODU and AHTS vessels during the execution of the operations.