Vessel Design for DelMar Systems

Vessel Design Support

Delmar Systems’ Engineering Group assists in several aspects of new vessel design and vessel upgrade projects. Delmar uses several types of analysis tools that provide detailed technical support of vessel design.

These tools include:

  • Vessel RAOs
    • Heave Amplitude Optimization (semi)
    • Heave Peak Period Optimization (any floater)
    • Roll Amplitude Optimization (ship shapes)
    • New Vessel Designs
    • CALM, Flare, Terminal Buoys
    • Coupled Vessels
  • Vessel Airgap
    • Free Floating Airgap
    • Moored Airgap
  • Mooring Analysis
    • Quasi-Static Analysis
    • Motion-Mooring Analysis
    • Time Domain Analysis
    • Line Dynamic Analysis
  • Statistical Motion Analysis
    • Motions, Velocities, and Accelerations
    • Winch Foundations
    • Derrick Design and Foundations
    • Crane Foundations
  • Installation Analysis and Procedures

With this analysis ability, Delmar assists in developing or adapting various vessel designs.

Delmar also minimizes drilling rig heave motions to reduce riser handling wear and tear. Extending the rig heave natural period increases the mooring performance of the rig in hurricane conditions. It can also reduce the permanent production facility heave motions to save in riser design considerations, and monitor roll motions of FPSOs to determine the limiting weather conditions for active production through process equipment.

Delmar’s expert personnel track point motions for the derrick foundation points during storm conditions which aids in properly designing the connection point and derrick structure.

Delmar also assists in heavy-lift operational engineering. Motion mooring analysis can predict the limiting sea states for such lifting operations as placing topsides on Spar-type vessels. Delmar’s airgap analysis can help determine what storm draft a drilling rig should maintain to assure no under deck slamming.

With ultra-deepwater rigs operating in DP or moored modes, Delmar can assist with the design of both the rig components for connection to the preset portion and the preset system itself. Delmar has extensive working experience with performance fibers like polyester, having designed and installed polyester moorings in ultra-deepwater depths.

With its in-house operational expertise, Delmar engineers not only design top-performing deepwater moorings, but also systems that are safe and efficient to install and move. Delmar provides detailed installation procedure drawings, design installation equipment foundations and construction drawings for specialized equipment needed for the project.

These jobs have typically included detailed front-end planning and engineering, as well as coordination for mobilization of equipment offshore. Delmar continues to offer its expertise throughout the life of the project, providing offshore job coordination and supervision.