Subsea and Special Equipment Design

Subsea and Special Equipment Design

Delmar Systems offers a variety of open water and MODU-assisted subsea installation capabilities. We offer our clients an extensive list of off-the-shelf commercial as well as Delmar-proprietary tools, and the equipment needed for your projects. If you have a need for a specialty piece of equipment that does not exist, we work with you to help design a unique cast, fabricated, or forged equipment that is needed for your project.

Tool and Special Equipment Design

Delmar has developed numerous patented equipment designs while maintaining the highest standards of engineering and fabrication qualifications. When the industry does not offer the tools necessary for your projects, or when we think a safer and more efficient design is possible, Delmar  can design our own specialized equipment and tools for the job. Examples of past equipment we have developed includes both on-deck and subsea anchor-handling equipment, quick release devices, subsea connectors, anchor foundations (OMNI-Max and pile anchors), storage devices, A-frames, wire and rope spooling units, synthetic rope handling equipment, and various other unique tools and handling devices.

In addition, Delmar has designed mooring components, such as the patented Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC), Delmar Quick Release (DQR), Delmar Chaser Stopper (DCS), the RAR Plus, submersible buoys, buoy swivels, chain chaser stoppers, and wide-body chasers.

Through an efficient combination of Delmar’s extensive offshore operational experience and technical capabilities, Delmar can assist in designing new anchor handling and other offshore devices and procedures.

Suction Pile Design

Delmar is the industry leader in suction pile design and installation. With a track record that spans more than 500+ installations and retrievals, Delmar has an unmatched database of suction pile data. The engineering group uses the suction pile database to design new suction piles with unmatched efficiency; the database takes much of the guesswork or margin out of pile design that other firms would have to include. Delmar-designed suction piles have enjoyed a 100% success rate largely due to our data collection and structured design process.

Delmar uses several different techniques to analyze its suction pile foundations. The most sophisticated includes Finite Element Analysis of the pile structure, the surrounding soil, and the soil plug inside the pile. Depending on the application and previous analysis, more simplified modeling techniques may be used. Delmar has built an extensive database for mooring pile anchors for use in the Gulf of Mexico.

Due to significant advancements in design, the Delmar Subsea Connector is now offered in several configurations for permanent use with long-term production facilities that have a wide variety of mooring components.

Delmar has also developed the tools necessary to make suction pile anchors a safer, more cost-effective anchor foundation option for both temporary drilling rigs and permanent floating production facilities. As Delmar continues to install and retrieve suction piles, Delmar remains committed to further enhancing this technology.

Rapid Prototyping

Delmar is able to create 3-D models of its tools, anchors, and piles in a very short period of time for client and internal testing or presentation purposes. The models are an excellent way to showcase our products and help clients better understand the technology and its applications.