Delmar Systems safety program is effective for offshore mooring.

Delmar Safety and Training Program

At Delmar, we pride ourselves on our deep and abiding commitment to safety and in-depth training. Find out why we’re leaders in the offshore mooring and subsea development industry when it comes to taking care of our people, projects, and resources.

Delmar Systems has assembled the most effective safety program and posted the best safety records of any anchor-handling contractor in the U.S. domestic market. Our entire company strategy is based on the thinking that our personnel are our most treasured resource, far and above any material assets that may be acquired. Our safety programs are structured to ensure that everyone who is employed by Delmar is actively engaged with this mindset to assure a safe working environment.

We have historically recognized the importance of using superior and safe equipment and well-trained employees for its critical mooring operations. Delmar professionals apply their extensive knowledge of mooring, early in projects. Reviewing the requirements of each job and preparing an comprehensive job procedure manual with step-by-step details of how the work is to be accomplished.

Our experienced mooring analysts and engineers, mooring superintendents, and offshore anchor handlers have decades of experience in the mooring of floating rigs worldwide. Since 1968, Delmar has been dedicated to providing the best service possible to the offshore oil and gas industry. Accomplishing this feat has meant hiring only the most capable and qualified employees.

Delmar Offshore Training

Many years ago, Delmar Systems realized that the personnel required for anchor handling would need to be specifically trained to accomplish their tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Hiring experienced personnel from related aspects of the industry (i.e., drilling and marine contractors) did not result in finding individuals who were accustomed to our unique scope of work.

Given the situation of having a limited number of companies involved in the same business and both the commercial and the potential liability implications of personnel exchange between them, Delmar set out on the mission of personnel development specific to our needs.

All new Delmar employees undergo extensive training before ever leaving the dock. This training is closely monitored by the Delmar Training Coordinator. In addition, all Delmar “seasoned” employees are required to undergo Leadership and Upgrade Training.

Our training programs include intensive:

  • Rigger Training
  • Welder Training
  • Operator Training
  • Superintendent Training
  • Coordinator Training