Experienced Leaders in Mooring Services, Founded in 1968.

History of Delmar Systems

With over 50 years of experience, Delmar Systems is one of the top supplier of offshore mooring services globally

When it comes to offshore mooring, whether for offshore mobile drilling units (MODUs) or new deepwater production vessels (FPSOs, FSOs, TLPs and Spars), Delmar Systems is unequaled in achievement.

Delmar Systems, Inc., established in 1968, is the worldwide leader in providing mooring services to the offshore oil and gas industry, including suction anchor, conventional catenary, preset, insert and extension wire mooring, and is also the leader in providing innovative mooring design and solutions.

Among Delmar’s innovations and world records are the development of a suction anchor system that requires only one anchor handling vessel (AHV) and a patented, disconnectable subsea connector for both permanent and temporary installations. In addition, Delmar performed the first installation of the Gulf of Mexico’s pre-installed taut leg mooring system on a MODU.

Delmar’s experienced anchor-handling personnel—mooring analysts, engineers, superintendents and master anchor handlers—are unmatched for operating safely and efficiently in the world’s most challenging offshore environments.

Each professional applies their extensive knowledge of mooring in each step of the project, reviewing the requirements of each job and preparing an extensive procedure manual explaining step-by-step how the work is to be accomplished.